Glen Scrimshaw

Champions Together

This is the first collaboration that Glen has ever participated in and he is in awe at the the the things that Ryan has accomplished despite his disabilities. Glen says Ryan is truly an inspiration to everyone he crosses path with .


  • Original Image Size: 7 x 9 in.
  • Paper Size: 11 x 14 in.

Sales of the reproductions start now and will end on May 31/2024 at Midnight! Therefore The Limited Edition Printing will be limited to the amount of prints pre-sold. In other words if 75 prints are ordered and paid for on May 31 then the edition size will be only 75 copies! Print numbers are assigned in the order that the orders are received. So if you want a lower number order soon!

Profits from the sales of unframed and framed prints goes to: The Canadian Adaptive Waterski Team, via Waterski and Wakeboard Canada.

How it came to be!

Throughout Glen Scrimshaw's 38-year artistic journey, he had never collaborated with another artist on a painting. However, that changed when he received a message from a representative of a Blind/Deaf Water Ski Jumper who was interested in doing a collaboration with him on a piece of art. At first, Glen thought it was a practical joke, as he and his friends often played tricks on each other. But after speaking with the representative and learning more about the collaboration, Glen agreed to meet Ryan Riehl.

Ryan Riehl is an inspiring individual with many talents, and Glen was excited to work with him. They decided on the concept for the painting: Glen would paint the background, featuring a night sky with twinkling stars and his legendary Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), while Ryan would add evergreen trees with snow on the branches in the foreground. Despite being technically blind, Ryan could still perceive light and dark areas and objects. With the help of his handler/representative who guided his Ryan’s hand to paint the desired areas.

When Ryan completed his part and delivered to their home, Glen and his wife, Zorka were in awe of what Ryan had created. Ryan's mother, who had been in contact with Glen, expressed the desire to have a few copies of the painting made for family and friends. The original painting is planned to be auctioned off at a major fundraising event for The Canadian Adaptive Waterski Team via Waterski and Wakeboard Canada so she wanted a few copies. After some discussion they decided to make some copies. To further support this cause, Glen generously decided to donate all profits from the sales of the copies and framing of the painting, entitled "Champions Together."

To make it a special and limited edition, they decided on a "Time Release" approach, with sales ending at midnight on May 31st, 2024. The edition size would be determined by the number of copies sold until that deadline. For example, if 279 copies were sold by May 31st, the edition size would be 279.

If you're interested in learning more about Ryan Riehl and his inspiring story, you can visit his website at

Ryan's story is one of sheer determination and triumph over adversity. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ryan began water skiing at the age of 22. By the end of that year, he faced profound sensory loss, becoming both blind and deaf. This did not hold him back. Instead, he discovered a deep passion for water skiing under the mentorship of Coach Dave Wassill.

Ryan's most significant accomplishments include setting a Canadian record in 2012 by making a jump of 14.3m and winning the title of Canadian National Jump Champion. He has also been thrice honored as the WSWC Adaptive Athlete of the Year in 2010, 2012, and 2022. Apart from these accolades, Ryan was inducted into the Holy Cross Crusader Wall of Honour for his exceptional achievements in Athletics.

Though a celebrated athlete, for Ryan, the real joy lies in the bonds he shares with his teammates. They've journeyed together, creating unforgettable memories around the world in various tournaments.