Glen Scrimshaw

Silent Witness

Commemorative Millennium Release


Print Details

Feb 2000
9x18 in.
15x24 in.

Production Run

2000 Copies
200 Copies
20 Copies


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Framed Editions


Un-Framed Editions

Limited Edition
15x24 Unframed:
$ 180.00
Framing: View Framing
$ 239.00
Artist Proof
15x24 Unframed:
$ 275.00
Framing: View Framing
$ 239.00
Publishers Proof
15x24 Unframed:
$ 425.00
Framing: View Framing
$ 239.00

Since the dawn of mankind there has been a presence witnessing our evolution from cave dweller to present. These celestial observers have seen the pass of many a millennia, and will see many more to come. These cosmic onlookers dance over us night after night, quietly watching our lives. Canadian Artist Glen Scrimshaw has captured the beauty and marvel of the northern lights for a few to behold. “Silent Witness” is Glen’s last piece of the millennium and makes the perfect momento to commemorate the biggest change in 1000 years.

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