Glen Scrimshaw

Red Angel

In recognition of STARS

May 2016
11x14 in.
11x14 in.





Framed Editions

Canvas Edition
11x14 Framed:
$ 294.25
11x14 Framed:
$ 21,500.00

Unframed Editions

Giclee Canvas
11x14 Unframed:
$ 180.00
Framing: View Framing
$ 87.50


In honor of the outstanding program of the STARS proram Glen has created a painting of the helicopter used out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The northern lights are a blaze in the night sky as a STARS helicopter speeds towards a rural pick up. Looking close at the detail Glen has painted you will see some houses, farms and lights from vehicles as they travel the grid roads.

A portion of the sales of each sale goes directly to: The Stars Foundation

Glen Scrimshaw's Designated Saskatoon Outlet

J & S Picuture Frame Warehouse

121-D Jessop Avenue
Saskatoon, SK

Ph. 306-373-1171

Specializing In:
  • Custom Framing
  • Large Format Printing
  • Art Gallery



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Phone: (306) 469-2137

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208 Jasper Street
Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
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Swift Current, Sask. S9H 0L1
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Duck Lake, Sask. S0K 1J0
(Open 7 days a week during summer hours)